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Natural Gas Process and Piping Design

A local client had a requirement to build a number of remote natural gas compression sites in a short period of time. They contacted Rockford Engineering to take existing designs, modularize them, and make them expandable to meet local compression demands. The client’s desire was for the design to focus on as much in-shop fabrication and assembly as possible in order to minimize installation time in the field.
Rockford Engineering Works Regina Saskatchewan Canada Piping & Process Design Trans

Our Solution

We worked closely alongside our client to design the compressor station while ensuring compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. Using a combination of Cadworx for the piping models, and Autodesk Inventor for all other mechanical items, Rockford delivered a successful project.

A set of fabrication and instrumentation drawings were completed to ensure every assembly was plumbed in the same manner before arriving on-site. Using the 3D piping model, Rockford created spool drawings with special consideration for the tie-in connections in the field – these were then issued to the pipe fabrication shops. Rockford Engineering Works Regina Saskatchewan Canada Piping & Process Design Trans Rockford Engineering Works Regina Saskatchewan Canada Piping & Process Design Trans

All piping skids were designed to be modular and accommodate any number of additional interconnected skids, which could be easily dropped onto existing pile caps and welded in place. In addition, the existing facility condition was surveyed to ensure a seamless fit with the items being expanded.

Rockford designed the piping to meet the requirements of either ASME B31.3 or CSA Z662 (whichever was applicable), ensuring that all pipe was completely inspected, x-rayed, and hydrostatically tested. Because the design allowed for the majority of this work to happen in-shop, our client realized substantial cost savings on this project.

The skids were also designed to have modular platforms, grating, handrails, and guardrails compliant with the requirements laid out by the National Building Code of Canada and Occupational Health and Safety. Platforms were designed to interconnect between the compressor buildings to allow the operators and maintenance personnel to walk along safely and access all valves and instrumentation air with ease.

Rockford prepared the layout for the cable tray runs and designed appropriate support stands. Expansion joints were specified to account for thermal expansion, and the cable tray was fully detailed with part numbers, cut lengths and assembly hardware. Similar to the skids and piping, the cable tray supports were designed to be fully fabricated in-shop and shipped to site for installation on piles – a design which included a threaded rod levelling connection at the base for ease of installation.

Previously, instrumentation was run in the field with the aid of only a Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID); causing issues for our client such as plumbing being installed incorrectly, and necessary parts being missed altogether during procurement. These issues were further compounded by installations taking place in remote locations, so acquiring new fittings or parts short notice was problematic. To alleviate this, all valves, actuators, regulators, fittings, tubing, etc. were modelled by Rockford and represented in a 3D layout using Autodesk Inventor. This was further supported by a complete set of instrumentation assembly and installation drawings, which also conformed to ASME B31.3 or CSA Z662 as applicable.Rockford Engineering Works Regina Saskatchewan Canada Piping & Process Design Trans

Work with Rockford

Rockford Engineering has specific expertise in mechanical piping design, along with all required equipment supports, electrical tray supports, platforms, walkways, and guarding. Our engineers’ combination of knowledge of the pertinent codes and regulations, along with industry-standard manufacturing and installation processes, makes us a perfect candidate for projects of this nature.

Whether designing a new system for your specific application or modifying an existing system, Rockford can help.

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