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With over 115 years of combined experience and 25+ years of working together as a team, we’re confident we can tackle any and all engineering projects you can think of.

EPCM & EPC Contracts
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Equipment Supply / Fabrication Management
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The Rockford team of highly engaged employees is not only innovative, they are also highly focused, provide excellent customer feedback and service and are an all around pleasure to work with. They have formed a team that delivers results through well conceived plans and effective use of technology. 10/10 rating!

“TENARIS Prudential has been utilizing the services of Rockford Engineering Works Ltd. on many different types of projects since their inception in 2012. Their speed of responsiveness and attention to detail is what we have been looking for in an engineering firm.  They are able to provide clear and accurate layouts along with practical designs that more than exceed our needs. We will continue to work with Rockford for their technical support & design services in all our mills and facilities.”

“Northwest Pipe Company has been using the services of Rockford Engineering Works Ltd. The team at Rockford are experienced with extensive knowledge of our industry and a level of service that centers around dependability and trustworthiness. Rockford Engineering does a good job for us and I would recommend them.”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rockford on a number of projects. Their solutions are innovative and practical. I have to rank them very high on quality, on-time delivery and standing behind their work; keep up the good work.”

“The team at Rockford is eager to help however they can. They aren’t here to just sell us parts; they’re looking out for our best interests and want to make sure we’ve got the right stuff to keep us running. They continue to provide fast and accurate results.”

“We’ve been operating a Rockford handling system for a number of years and get all our wear items and replacement parts from them. It just makes sense. They supply us with the correct items every time, and on time.”

“When Rockford reached out to check in on a previously supplied project, it gave me the opportunity to request a few minor upgrades. They provided a solution, and within a short time frame, we had updated drawings and new parts in our hands.”

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